PMP self-paced eLearning course – Online & Offline

Key Features

Updated on: July 20, 2017

Certification Provider: PMI

PMP Exam included: No

Delivery: Online & offline

Workbook for easy jotting: Yes

Equal to 35 contact hours: Yes

eLearning access Period: 180 days

Exam Practice Questions and answers: Yes

Product Format: Voice-over and animations

Customer Support on Live Chat and Email: 24×7

Discount: Available for Bulk Purchases and Extra Licenses

Payment options: Cash, cheque, bank deposit, online transfer

₦80k ₦40k

Enrol for our PMP classroom training and learn from our expert instructors and still have access eLearning for 30 days

₦150k ₦80k

PMP eLearning course – Overview

Individuals who desires to become professional project managers should be able to that without any restrictions. Considering hindrances such as distance, tight work schedule, health etc. The PMP eLearning platform is designed to overcome all these hindrances and help them achieve their career dreams.

The PMP eLearning platform is designed to educate students on the essence of PMP, its benefits to individuals and organizations, and how they can be applied when needed. Generally speaking the PMP eLearning offers all that the classroom training offers and even more.

With the PMP eLearning portal, individuals have no barriers in achieving their career dreams, they can sit at the corner of their offices, and rooms etc and take the PMP certification course without any stress. Organizations who desires their employees become PMPs without them traveling long distances and leaving their duties can also subscribe to the PMP eLearning platform.


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Interested in knowing more about PMP?

Gain access to wealth of information about PMP with the following resources:

| PMP Quick-guide  | PMP handbook | Exam content Outline | Project management experience sheet

Getting started with your self-paced PMP eLearning course

PMP eLearning course free trial
PMP-elearning-courseMake payment for your self-paced PMP eLearning course in cash, cheque, bank transfer & bank deposit
PMP-elearning-courseGet login access to our online learning portal where you be able to access the course online or get offline access
 PMP eLearning coursePrepare for your PMP certification exam using our self-paced online or offline PMP eLearning course
PMP elearning courseGet your certificate & claim your 35 contact hours required by PMI at the completion of your PMP eLearning course

About PMP eLearning course in Nigeria

PMP eLearning course in Nigeria - Objectives

At the completion of your eLearning course, you will:

Understand the purpose of the PMP course and be able to teach it

Understand the importance of PMP in the 21st century and be able to teach it

Understand the principles and concepts of PMP and be able to apply it effectively when needed.

Be able to pass the PMP certification exams gloriously.

Become a great PMP that can be relied upon to deliver quality projects at any point in time

We have been tagged as the best at offering eLearning through our PMP eLearning course by individuals and organizations that have subscribed in the past, as they keep referring others to us.

What you will learn

The PMP Course has a very rich content which is sure to upgrade its candidates career-wise, socially, intellectually etc.

The PMP Course syllabus is highlighted below:

What to expect

Exam Environment

Learning Strategies

Passing Strategies

Introduction to the PMBOK

Organizational Structures

Project Management Roles

Overview of Projects

Project Management Framework

Project Integration Management Process

Project Plan Development

Project Manager Skills

Project Charter

Project Sponsors


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions


Ensuring Integrity and Professionalism

Project Management Knowledge Base

Enhancing Individual Competence

Balancing Stakeholder Interests

Interactions with Team Members and Stakeholders


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Scope Management Processes

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Project Planning and Cost Controls

Statement of Work (SOW)

Customer Approvals and Reviews

Scope Change Control

Project Management Offices


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Activity List

Project Network Diagram Methods

Duration Estimating Methods

Critical Path


Schedule Development


Fast Tracking

Resource Allocation and Leveling


Variance Management and Earned Value

Schedule Control



Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Cost Management Processes

Resource Requirements

Cost Estimating Methods

Cost Budgeting

Types of Costs


Contingency/Management Reserve Funds

Earned Value Concepts

Earned Value Analysis and Management Reporting


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Quality Management Processes

Overview of Quality Concepts


Quality Planning /Assurance/Control

ISO Standards

PDCA Model

Cost of Quality

Quality Control Systems

Statistical Process Control

Flowcharting/Control Charts


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Human resource Management Processes

RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)

Motivational Theories

Conflict Management Methods

Types of Power

Types of Organizational Structures

Roles and Responsibilities

Managing Change Techniques

Performance Evaluations

Leadership Styles and Assessments

Project Team Building Exercise

Project Manager Assessments

Project Manager Successful Skills


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Communications Management Processes

Communications Model

Types of Communication

Project Manager Communications

Effective Team Communications and Exercises

Management Styles and Skills


Performance Reporting

Status and Functional Reporting

Lessons Learned

War Room Communications and Presentations


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Risk Management Processes

Risk Defined

Types of Risk

Risk Factors

Risk Identification

Sources of Risk

Risk Quantitative Analysis

Risk Qualitative Analysis

Risk Response Strategies

Prioritizing Risk

Contingency Planning


Expected Value

Decision Trees


Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Project Procurement Management Processes

Make / Buy Decisions

Elements of a Contract

Contract Types

Spectrum of Risk

Contract Management

Purchasing Cycle

Acquisition Process

Types of Specifications


Contract Administration

Statement of Work / Contracts



Tools and Techniques

Sample Exam Questions

Who is the PMP eLearning course meant for?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an essential professional requirement across all industries for senior project manager roles. This course is best suited for:

Project Managers

Associate/Assistant Project Managers

Team Leads/Team Managers

Project Executives/Project Engineers

Software Developers

Anybody who is aspiring to be a Project Manager

Eligibility for PMP eLearning course

Enrol for our PMP eLearning course itself does not have any formal requirement.

However, if you are interested in sitting the PMP certification exam, you are required to meet the following requirements:

Educational Requirements
Prospective project managers are required to document at least 35 contact hours that spans through the entire PMP syllabus. 1 hour of training (classroom or online) is required to meet this requirement.

Our self-paced PMP eLearning course is also available for prospective PMPs who for reasons such as busy schedule or distance cannot attend the PMP classroom training. Our eLearning course is painstakingly structured to give not just the same feel of a classroom training but with more flexibility and comfort as you can study at anytime, anywhere.
Please click here to visit our PMP page to know more about our PMP training.

Project Management Experience
Prospective PMPs are required to meet the following:
A minimum of 3 years (36 months) of unique, non-overlapping professional project management experience.Within this period, prospective candidates need to have led or directed project (s) for at least 4500 hours
A secondary degree (School Leaving Certificate) – Individuals in this category needs a minimum of 5 years (60 months) of non-overlapping professional experience in project management. Within this period, you will need to have led or directed the project for at least 7500 hours.
A total of 8 consecutive years is required before the submission of your application.

PMP eLearning system requirements

For the online version of the eLearning you are required to have the following:

A computer running on Widows Operating System or MAC Operating System

Internet connection

internet browser that is flash player enabled.

Note that the offline version is only available for a computer that runs on Windows operating system

What you will get

Our PMP eLearning course is painstakingly structured not just to give students the same knowledge, same feel etc of the classroom training, but even more. We do not want students that subscribe for our course be shortchanged in any way as compared to those who subscribe for the PMP Training classroom course. Those who subscribe to our PMP eLearning portal will get the following:

First hand lectures on the PMP Course

Self-paced learning

A great learning experience through videos, animations, voice-overs etc

Free access to PMP study manual and other relevant materials

Free access to end of section quizzes

Free access to PMP certification exam practice questions

Tips on how to pass the PMP Certification exams

How to enrol for our PMP eLearning in Nigeria

To enrol for our PMP training, click ‘ENROL NOW’ on the top-most part of this page.

The important thing to gain access to our PMP eLearning course is to make some payment towards the course.

Payment details

Account name: Harrybaker Training Institute

Account number: 1014 18 0706

Zenith bank.

Ensure you use your name as the description or reference of payment.

Once payment is made, you will get your eLearning access in 24 hours, if you want online access but if you want offline access, you can come to our office to get it it within 24 hours of making payment.

Using the PMP eLearning to prepare for your exam

After completing your registration process for your PMP Certification exams, the next step to take is to start preparating for the exams. Registering for the PMP exam is not an end but a means to an end, so do not relax after registration.

Preparing for the exam is a another reason to subscribe to our rich online eLearning portal which covers the PMP syllabus. The features of our eLearning portal that will help you prepare and do proper self-study are as follows:

Video continuing voice-over and animations: The eLearning provided covers the entire PMP syllabus with animated text, images, and graphics that illustrate what is said in the voice-over to make assimilation within reach. The PMP syllabus is broken down into easy-to-use modules and topics. The videos can play on any device, be it mobile, tab or PC. Make sure you listen to all videos to have a full grasp of PMP.

Interactive and motivating quizzes and tests: This provides an avenue for you to check your knowledge and understanding at the end of every section, with the interactive and motivating quizzes and tests with immediate and prescriptive feedback provided.

Exam practice questions and mock exams: Just as passing any exam requires a great deal of practice, passing the PMP exam is no exception. PMP Exam practice questions and mock exams with exam style assessments questionnaires help you practice and prepare for your exam.

Professionally prepared workbook: As you go through the videos and other supporting documents, our workbook will help you jot the important points in each section. This makes it easy for you to prepare for the exam as you do not need to go through the entire course again when revising.

Exam Tips: At the beginning of every section, the instructor talks about what you need to pass the exams.

Real-life application: In different sections of the eLearning, the instructor touch upon how the PMP methodology is applicable to our daily lives

Applicable Tools: A list of applicable tools to get a particular task done is provided at the beginning of each section.

Sample documents and templates: Where applicable, sample documents and templates are provided for you to be able to relate to what is being taught in a particular section.

Progress-enhanced platform: As you study using our eLearning platform, you do not need to worry about closing your internet browser or window, as you can always continue your course where you left off. You can easily see what section of the course you have completed and those that are yet to be completed.

Tutor support: This is provided to help you with your queries and questions about the eLearning contents and exam preparation

PMP Training in Nigeria - FAQ's

What is the idea of the PMP eLearning?

Our PMP eLearning platform is designed to educate students on the essence of PMP, its benefits to individuals and organizations, and how they can be applied when needed.

How is the PMP eLearning different from the PMP classroom Training?

The PMP eLearning is different from the Classroom training as it allows for more flexibility. It is a  self-paced training meaning that the students can take the training at any time they desire, this is a great advantage over the classroom training where students must learn during the lecture periods even when they do not feel like learning.

How does the PMP eLearning works?

Getting started on our PMP eLearning platform is not tedious, all you need do is to follow the steps highlighted below:

Enrol for the PMP eLearning online platform here.

After enrolling, we will send you your login details within 24 hours.

You can login and begin your training at your own pace. Its that easy!!!

Who can take the PMP eLearning?

The PMP eLearning is actually for everyone interested in becoming a PMP. However, its can be said to be more directed towards those individuals who desires to be a Project Manager but cannot attend the Classroom training due to tight schedules, distance etc. Or those who just prefer to be in control of their own learning process.

How long does the PMP eLearning training lasts for?

The PMP eLearning is self-paced, so you can control when you are learning. However, access to our PMP eLearning lasts for 180 days, but the good news is that you can renew it after it expires.

Does the PMP eLearning includes the PMP certification exam?

No, our PMP eLearning is strictly for training, but we can also direct you on scheduling your computer based testing PMP Exam here.

Who prepared or designed the PMP eLearning course?

Our PMP eLearning platform is prepared by certified PMP trainers with several years of both field and classroom experience.

How much does it cost to obtain access to the PMP eLearning?

Access to our PMP eLearning course is very affordable,in fact we offer what our customers call “more than the cost.”. Please click here to view our price list.

Does the PMP eLearning have to be taken online?

No, our PMP eLearning works for both online and offline according to what the student wants as at the time of purchase.

Find out why thousands of professionals worldwide choose our eLearning

Developed in-house!

Our PMP eLearning course contents were developed by our in-house eLearning development team with great experience of impacting knowledge and making learning fun

Highly Experienced and Accredited trainers

The PMP eLearning course was scripted by legendary Deji Ariyo with vast project management experience and knowledge, coupled with great passion for teaching and making assimilating within reach.

Accessible offline

Apart from being accessible from the different part of the world with active internet connection, our PMP eLearning course is equally available offline without need for internet connection.

World Class Engagement Process
At Harrybaker, we count ourselves as successful when our candidates do not only pass the certification exams, but also explain in clear details all they have learnt during their training.

Highly engaging content

Our PMP eLearning content is second to none, as it contains a blend of animations and voice-over and a mix of end-of-lesson quizzes and thousands of exam practice questions

Customer Satisfaction
We believe none of our training process is successful if our customers are not satisfied hence we strive for excellence in ensuring that all our clients are thoroughly satisfied.

Relevant Practice tests
We make preparing for the certification exams easy and fun through our well prepared relevant practice tests. The idea of these tests is to put candidate in the “para-exam” mode to help them have a feel of the actual examination.

FREE eLearning (where available)
Our commitment to turning individuals to professionals makes us stands out as the best in the country. We express this, by granting FREE access to our eLearning portal for all candidates that enrolls for training with us.

High Quality Training materials
All of the training materials and equipment are top notch. Our drive for success and professionalism made ensure secure high quality training materials which has been aiding us deliver quality service to all our students.

Recent customers’ success stories

The presentation was very explanatory and well-understood. The trainer did excellently well. Also the precourse and joining instruction is very helpful and gave me a foundation to start with.
I am pleased with the quality of knowledge I  received from this. It’s worthwhile to ensure that my colleagues at work also attend their PM training at HARRYBAKER Training Institute.
Presentation was impressive & encapsulate PMP. The lectures & examples used were expansive, relating real-life project  scenario to project management ideology

Meet our trainer

Deji Ariyo

Lead trainer


B.Sc, MBA [Cranfield], PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL Expert, MSP, MoP, M_o_R, P3O, MoV, PPS, PMD Pro, Certified Facilitator, Six Sigma Certified).

Work Experience

Deji is a result-driven Project Director with over 17 years of delivering value to organizations such as: Murray international Group, BskyB, Vodafone, Charteris Plc, CDA Solutions, ChevronTexaco, Gateway Bank and UACN

He is also an international coach, mentor, consultant and trainer in Change Management, who has driven the skills and expertise in PPM (Portfolio, Programme, Project, Risk and Value Management) and ITSM (IT Service Management and Governance) for over 15 years.

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